A Syrian media incubator at Gaziantep


Syrian journalists have few resources at their disposal with which to supply reliable good-quality news. Many lack basic training in journalism and only have limited technical resources to produce and disseminate content.

Since 2014, thanks to funding of €1.2 million provided by the European Union over a two-year period, CFI has been carrying out a support project for Syrian journalists and citizen-journalists based on three focus areas: training, broadcasting and the organisation of the emerging Syrian media industry. The French media cooperation agency is leading the consortium in charge of this project, alongside the Danish NGO IMS, Reporters Without Borders and the Syrian Journalists’ Association (SJA).

In August 2014, CFI opened a permanent facility around 80 km north of Aleppo in Gaziantep, the main city in southern Turkey. Featuring two training rooms, two editing suites and a radio and TV studio, this "Syrian media incubator" arranges and hosts training courses and conferences and provides technical equipment and communications resources.

This new centre, the first such facility ever opened by CFI on the ground, will enable the agency to maintain regular contact with the beneficiaries. Since its opening, the media incubator has hosted training courses organised with the Syrian female journalists' network, the Al-Shareh collective of video filmmakers and the independent Syrian radio station Rozana FM. In December, the Syrian Journalists' Association (a new independent professional body comprising 200 journalists around the world) organised its first general meeting at the centre, which was attended by 80 of its members.

It's a free and safe space open to citizen journalists, that is, to all those information producers who risk their lives on a daily basis filming and documenting what's going on. We have set up a radio and television studio. They can come here to produce and edit videos for sale to international agencies or work for their own media organisations.

Nour Hemici, CFI project manager.


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