Annual Report 2017


Outlook 2018


Made available to journalists, media organisations and citizens, data and tools for deciphering local political life in order to contribute to the understanding of the election process in Tunisia.


Supporting the media in its role in promoting social cohesion in Iraq via training workshops for trainers and journalists on a variety of subjects (election coverage, conducting of debates, data protection, etc.) and in the production of reports and media content.


Helping young citizens from nine countries of the Arab world to create and produce digital media intended for new generations.


Enhancing the skills of Ukrainian media organisations in broadcasting high-quality news on the ongoing justice reform process.


Organisation of training sessions focused on producing humanitarian information and using new forms of news media for Yemeni journalists.

PAGOF (Project for Promoting Open Governments in the Francophone World)

In the context of the Open Government Partnership, support for the media and Tunisian, Ivorian and Burkinan civil society in their ability to relay information, in performing their role in monitoring national commitments, and in leading public debate on initiatives promoting open governance.


Reaffirming citizen participation in Francophone African democracies and turning young people into actors for change by supporting the development of innovative citizen projects undertaken by young social entrepreneurs and by structuring the community of practices and values constituting Civic-Tech.


Helping to open up the provinces in terms of how local news is reported and broadcast in order to take better stock of the main concerns of the Haitian population, and strengthening the role of the Haitian media in the citizen-led control of public initiatives.


Supporting four francophone Lebanese digital media outlets in order to develop and structure online editorial offerings in French and to enhance the strategic, editorial, technical, marketing and economics skills of the teams.