Annual Report 2017



In 2017, CFI continued to support traditional media in order to bolster its presence on the internet and social networks, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. Its work is also oriented towards new players on the news scene – pure players – in order to assist them in structuring their business and editorial models.

Digital East

In view of the growth of online media and changes in the ways in which information is consumed, embracing the digital era has become a key challenge for Lebanon’s French-language press. In 2017, CFI supported […]

Médias 360°

Nowadays, traditional African media outlets are faced with the migration of their audiences, particularly younger people, to the internet and social networks. Faced with this reality, they have to diversify their digital strategies quickly in […]


The internet has completely redefined the conditions for producing and processing information and, moreover, the journalistic working methods of editorial teams. While the majority of the large traditional media organisations have made the move towards […]