Annual Report 2018


Media & Governance

Support the modernization of the media as facilitators of the public information and debate space.

4M Asia

After four years providing support to online media outlets in seven countries in South-East Asia, the 4M Asia project came to an end in April 2018. The closing forum, which took place in Jakarta (Indonesia), […]


Since the protests in Burkina Faso in 2014, the citizens aspire to greater transparency from their leaders. However, the forms of action for participating in public life are still obscure and the media, in turn, […]


In the wake of the Arab Spring movements, Jordan has carried out a series of constitutional and political reforms aimed at constructing a “dynamic democracy”. As part of its strategy to promote the rule of […]


In Iraq, supporting and strengthening dialogue between the various stakeholders in the reconciliation process is vital. The media play a major role in this respect, as they can constitute either a tool to help achieve […]