Annual Report 2017


Principal projects carried out in 2017

4M Asia

Throughout 2017, 4M Asie contributed to the development of twelve data journalism projects and to the strengthening of thirty community media outlets in South-East Asia. Following a call for applications launched in February, twelve data […]

Citizen Connections

The growing need for citizen-led control of public initiatives and the explosion of online media present an unprecedented opportunity for young, committed African people who are innovating in this field. These agents of change still […]

Citizen Dialogues

In many African countries, civil society has expressed a desire to participate actively in public life. Citizen Dialogues is helping to realise these aspirations by providing specific aid for the media, particularly in Burkina Faso and Guinea.

Digital East

In view of the growth of online media and changes in the ways in which information is consumed, embracing the digital era has become a key challenge for Lebanon’s French-language press. In 2017, CFI supported […]


CFI has undertaken a process of continual improvement of its practices. In order to verify the impact, effectiveness, efficiency and results of the projects implemented, external organisations are tasked with evaluating several projects each year. […]


In a climate of extreme political and economic volatility, Libyan media outlets are struggling to guarantee news pluralism in their country nowadays. Many journalists had to go into exile in order to retain their independence. […]

Médias 360°

Nowadays, traditional African media outlets are faced with the migration of their audiences, particularly younger people, to the internet and social networks. Faced with this reality, they have to diversify their digital strategies quickly in […]


The internet has completely redefined the conditions for producing and processing information and, moreover, the journalistic working methods of editorial teams. While the majority of the large traditional media organisations have made the move towards […]


Diversity awareness is a major political challenge nowadays. The media, via high-quality and professional news, plays a key role in fostering conditions favourable to dialogue. From February to October 2017, the Naseej project – ‘Naseej’ […]

Open Data Medias 2

Despite the recent progress, journalists from French-speaking Africa still lack the skills to transform open data into a key tool of accountability and citizen-led control of public initiatives in their countries. Open Data Media 2 […]


In 2016, CFI was entrusted with the media component of the Qudra project – a programme led by Expertise France and mainly financed by the European Union – which ensures the collection and dissemination of […]

Recovery and stabilisation in CAR

In the Central African Republic (CAR), in a political and security climate that is still very unstable, CFI is focusing its action on strengthening social cohesion and “living together in harmony”, via the media component […]


More and more young people in the Arab world are working hard to develop their societies, improve their everyday lives or promote freedom of expression. These are the leaders of social innovation projects, from north […]

Support for the Jordanian media

In 2016, UNESCO’s office in Jordan entrusted CFI with the implementation of a component of the Support to Media programme which is financed by the European Union. This project, oriented towards initial training within universities […]

Writing and producing in Africa

In 2017, CFI continued its support for African creativity and drama via several projects relating to series, from creating the screenplay through to directing the episodes. Script Talents At the end of the Script Talents […]

“Regard Jeunesse” project in Niger

Nigerien young people, which represents over half the population nowadays, suffer from a lack of future prospects. The political, security and economic crisis is harming the stability and social cohesion of the country. Faced with […]