Annual Report 2018



Project in Support of Open Governments in French-speaking Africa

Encouraging the administration and civil society to work towards an open government

Calendrier : October 2017 – October 2020 / Budget global : €1.5m

Although the involvement of French-speaking African countries in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) remains limited, the process is attracting increasing interest. Both traditional and online media play a key role in these countries in raising awareness of and promoting public support for OGP initiatives. Accountability, a hot topic amongst citizens’ aspirations, has become a driving force behind public policies.

The Projet d’Appui aux Gouvernements Ouverts Francophones (Project in Support of Open Governments in French-speaking Africa) (#PAGOF), implemented by CFI and Expertise France, supports administrations and civil society (including the media), in order to improve governance, access to information and citizen participation in the establishment and monitoring of public action in Tunisia, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. It builds on the work of the OGP, which today brings together 80 countries and civil society organisations.

By means of training sessions, specific technical support and thematic workshops, the administration and civil society in the beneficiary countries are strengthening their capabilities to collaborate and build, together, public policies that are more efficient, more transparent and more receptive to citizens’ expectations. The media organisations also benefit from training in data journalism and awareness and information about the major principles of open government.

In 2018, 250 people attended PAGOF training courses. Emphasis was placed on the consolidation of knowledge about the principles of the OGP and its methodology. In Tunisia, a practical guide to the principles of open government at local level was created to help the municipalities to implement those principles. In Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, 32 people came together to strengthen their knowledge on the principles of monitoring and evaluation of the commitments of the National Action Plans (NAPs).

Promoting co-construction and citizen participation  

In Tunisia and Ivory Coast, the administration and civil society have been supported in the co-construction of their new National Action Plan, via support in leading public consultations, in which more than 400 citizens took part, and in arranging workshops for citizen evaluation and reflection.

In eight pilot municipalities in Burkina Faso, the mayors and agents, the members of community dialogue forums and the AMBF (Association of Municipalities in Burkina Faso) reflected on the harmonisation of budget documents, with the aim of producing a simplified guide.

Creating a regional dynamic

A seminar in Tunis brought together 180 representatives of governments and civil society organisations from 15 different French?speaking African countries, to share their experiences of open government. The participants heard about fourteen national experiences and reflected on practical solutions to the obstacles or restrictions encountered in the roll-out of open government.

“I’ve been working on open government in civil society in Togo for three years now and the PAGOF seminar is the first time I’m getting to meet the civil servants who are responsible for open government within the Togolese government, so I’ll be able to exchange views with them. For that reason alone the seminar is a success for me.” Comlangan Souleyman Tobias, journalist (Togo)


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    Tunis seminar (November 2018)


    Tunis seminar (November 2018)


    Tunis seminar (November 2018)


    Tunis seminar (November 2018)


    1st data journalism training course – June 2018


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