Annual Report 2017



Evaluation phase after two years of strengthening online media in the Arab world

Calendrier : January 2014 – December 2016 / Budget global : €2.323m

CFI has undertaken a process of continual improvement of its practices. In order to verify the impact, effectiveness, efficiency and results of the projects implemented, external organisations are tasked with evaluating several projects each year. Thus, in 2017, CFI tasked Transtec with conducting the final evaluation of the EBTICAR project.

Its main objective was to analyse to what extent this regional programme, which had been rolled out in countries lying to the south and east of the Mediterranean Basin, had enabled online media to integrate in their socio-professional environment, notably vis-à-vis the four expected results. It also sought to gauge whether CFI had fulfilled the expectations of EBTICAR and in what ways its management activities and those of its partners contributed to achieving the expected results.

This evaluation confirmed the value of the intervention logic of CFI and its partners, since the online media players were placed at the centre of the process, with the diversity of their respective backgrounds, their requirements and the nature of the projects being taken into account.

350 journalists trained, 250 articles published

The evaluators found that the EBTICAR project has achieved a very satisfactory level of effectiveness, since it has successfully trained and mobilised 350 journalists, including citizen-journalists. More than 25 joint initiatives have been started between the beneficiaries. Partnerships were forged with Babelmed and other traditional media outlets and civil society organisations. Babelmed has published 250 articles, and five special reports have been produced jointly by the beneficiaries.

Although most of the selected projects were online projects having a national scope, EBTICAR has proven to be effective in transcending geographical borders by stimulating transnational and multi-sector partnerships, in particular by encouraging social media to work together with news media. The quality of EBTICAR has been duly recognised, and the beneficiaries have won 11 international awards between them.

Excellent technical, administrative and financial management

Moreover, an analysis of the efficiency factors by the evaluators revealed the excellent technical, administrative and financial management provided by CFI and its partners. Given the number of activities performed in relation to the personnel costs, the evaluation panel considers the cost/benefit ratio to be positive.

Finally, in terms of sustainability, the evaluation highlights that all the beneficiary organisations are still active and are continuing to develop. New platforms have been created by the beneficiaries themselves. EBTICAR has become a true benchmark, and has attracted funding from other donors such as the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region in southern France.

Among the other projects subjected to an external evaluation in 2017, mention can be made of Faso Media and Images of Africa – Training.


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