Annual Report 2017


Writing and producing in Africa

Supporting the creation of African series

Calendrier : September 2015 – December 2017 / Budget global : €360,000

In 2017, CFI continued its support for African creativity and drama via several projects relating to series, from creating the screenplay through to directing the episodes.

Script Talents

At the end of the Script Talents contest, 11 scriptwriters were chosen out of nearly 130 hopefuls. After various writing workshops, two of these authors were selected to provide the finishing touches to the scripts for the series entitled “Sakho et Mangane”, which addresses social issues and current affairs in Africa. Filming for the first two episodes began in Dakar (Senegal) in 2017.

Direct yourself!

Direct yourself! participants were trained in the technical aspects of directing TV series in Dakar, mentored by the French director and scriptwriter Charli Beleteau. At the end of the training course, the six most promising directors were selected to direct three episodes of the series C’est la vie. Three of them filmed the final season. The series has been aired since 2015 in the vast majority of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, with over 100 million potential viewers for over 1,000 hours of broadcasting time.

What I found most attractive about this series is the fact that it talks about women. The filming gave me experience and I really loved being a part of this adventure!
Lucrèce d’Almeida, actress in C’est la vie


Six young scriptwriters from Senegal, one of whom had taken part in the Script Talents project, received training in how to develop characters, plots, story arcs and screenplays – using the Sabido methodology – in order to tell the tale of a group of young Africans having to face up to the challenges of modern times (access to employment, sexuality, drugs, radicalisation, etc.). They are now working on writing the screenplays. The series is scheduled to be put into production in 2018 for broadcast on TV5 Monde.

Best Female Talents 

In May 2017, CFI joined forces with the production company Keewu to launch “Best Female Talents”. This project involves helping female African journalists and writers who are experienced (i.e. who have already had their work published) to master the techniques of scriptwriting. The three participants, selected from 253 applications received, come from Senegal, Benin and the Ivory Coast. Three of the four writing workshops scheduled have already been held (between July and December 2017, in Senegal and Bissau).


For the Invisible series, produced by the Ivorian production company TSK Production, three “script doctoring” workshops intended for authors, assistant directors and young amateur actors were organised in 2017. Filming for the series took place in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Canal+ plans to broadcast it in September 2018.

Bruits de tambours (beat of the drums)

Five scriptwriters were selected from CFI’s database, enriched by the calls for applications launched on the call for applications platform two years ago. The Bruits de tambours series, written in 2017, relates to the themes of “governance” and “gender”, for instance the participation of women in civic life. It will be filmed in the region of Saint-Louis in Senegal at the end of 2018, with funding from the AFD (Agence Française de Développement).

Photo gallery

  • Writing and producing in Africa

    Sur le tournage de Sakho et Mangane

  • Writing and producing in Africa

    L’équipe de F et G

  • Writing and producing in Africa

    L’équipe de Popenguine

  • Writing and producing in Africa

    Toute l’équipe de tournage d’Invisibles

  • Writing and producing in Africa

    Atelier de coaching de jeunes acteurs d’Invisibles

  • Writing and producing in Africa

    Deux scénaristes de Talents de script

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