Annual Report 2017



The New Players in African Online News

Calendrier : September 2017 – February 2019 / Budget global : €650,000

The internet has completely redefined the conditions for producing and processing information and, moreover, the journalistic working methods of editorial teams. While the majority of the large traditional media organisations have made the move towards innovation and adapted their online news content offering, other players that are based solely online – pure players – have found their place within the West African media space.

The Naila project supported eleven pure players from French-speaking Africa, selected on the basis of a call for applications, in structuring their economic and editorial models in line with the professional and commercial issues of their online content offering. It also supported the development of innovations within the editorial departments in order to offer new ways of producing information.

Diversifying the content offering

Launched in September 2017 during a seminar in Dakar (Senegal), Naila brought thirty young chief editors and journalists, a third of whom were women, together with digital media experts from Africa and Europe. A few weeks later, a workshop focused on understanding the market, the competitive environment and the needs of users.  These new players in online news also conceived and developed new columns in order to diversify their content offering and attract specific advertisers. The project continued by enhancing skills in writing for the internet. The spotlight was also placed on hypothetical reporting and investigative techniques, in order to encourage the media outlets to conduct investigations on cross-cutting topics developed in synergy.

In light of the difficulties that we are facing, the Naila project is helping us to think about our editorial lines, about innovative initiatives that we are able to implement, the content that we offer and new emerging concepts, such as solutions journalism. These 18 months of support will most certainly provide us with an additional basis on which to develop more projects within our editorial departments.
Anderson Diedri, journalist at E Burnie Today (Ivory Coast)

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