Annual Report 2017


Digital East

New strategies for Lebanon’s French-language media

Calendrier : September 2016 – August 2018 / Budget global : €440,000

In view of the growth of online media and changes in the ways in which information is consumed, embracing the digital era has become a key challenge for Lebanon’s French-language press. In 2017, CFI supported the daily newspaper L’Orient Le Jour and the weekly newspaper for young people, Kel Yom, in their adaptation to digital technology.

For L’Orient Le Jour, the oldest French-language media organisation in Lebanon, the teams worked on several themes. Firstly, they redefined the editorial offering of the paper edition in order to redeploy human resources to the online edition. After this, they improved access to the paid content. Finally, the newspaper sought to develop its relationship with subscribed readers and future subscribers, in particular via a strategy making use of social networks.

Thanks to the mobilisation of around 50 employees (managers, journalists, the marketing and communication team), 80% of whom were women, significant results emerged before the project had even entered the final months of implementation: stabilisation of the decrease in turnover, 3% increase in paper subscriptions, 16% increase in online subscriptions and a 40% increase in traffic on the Le Commerce du Levant website (the press group’s economic editorial offering), amongst other findings. Moreover, the daily newspaper saw an increase in the number of subscribers on social networks (+111% on Facebook, +38% on Twitter and +60% on Instagram). New applications promoting access to the offering were launched, as well as new tools to gain a greater understanding of the readership, ensuring an increase in productivity for the marketing teams.

Our priority is to increase financial resources by ensuring the digital transition of revenue.
Michel Hélou, Executive Director of the L’Orient Le Jour press group

Preventing hate speech

The Lebanese weekly Kel Yom signed up to the ‘Digital East’ project at the end of 2017 in order to launch its website in French and Arabic. Targeted at children aged between 8 and 12, Kel Yom is an offshoot – adapted for the Arab world – of the French newspaper Petit quotidien, which was launched in 1998 and is aimed at children aged from 6 to 10. Every week, the newspaper gives its young readers pointers on how to follow, understand and analyse current events.

In order to adapt to the new consumption habits of pre-teens, the four permanent employees were supported in the digital transition of media for young people, by defining the editorial project in Arabic and French and launching a website.

Our objective is to enable pre-teens to understand the news in order to protect them from misinformation and hate speech.
Hala Bejjani and Lamia Rassi, founders of Kel Yom

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