Annual Report 2017



Production and information service delivery for Syrian refugees

Calendrier : June 2016 – June 2019 / Budget global : €2.9m

In 2016, CFI was entrusted with the media component of the Qudra project – a programme led by Expertise France and mainly financed by the European Union – which ensures the collection and dissemination of useful information for the daily life of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

In 2017, a study consisting of over a thousand interviews in the three countries made it possible to build a strategy for producing and disseminating the information. The results showed that the needs in this area were significant both for Syrian refugees, who often make critical choices without knowing the rules and regulations of their host country, and for the host communities, which are sometimes unaware that they can benefit from support programmes. A large quantity of contradictory information and rumours was circulating, creating confusion and, more often than not, considerable mistrust. This situation frequently created tension between refugees, or between refugees and local communities.

Using television and social networks

The study also found that all the people interviewed had a mobile telephone and, in half of the cases, used it to access the internet. In addition, 92% of the refugees and host populations also had a television, whereas hardly any of them listened to the radio.

In light of this observation, CFI adopted an approach focusing on video, producing short films of 90 seconds suitable for broadcast on television and social networks. The Syrian refugees and host communities were involved in each stage of filming the videos in order to strengthen the sense of identification among the target audience.

Thanks to the videos having been shared on social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter), broadcast by the Jordanian media, particularly on television, and relayed in person in community centres or focus groups as from 2018, tens of thousands of refugees will benefit from reliable and high-quality information thanks to the Qudra project.

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