Annual Report 2018



Production and distribution of an information service for Syrian refugees

Calendrier : June 2016 – June 2019 / Budget global : €2.9m

For almost three years, CFI has been managing the media component of the European Qudra programme – led by the GIZ, in partnership with Expertise France and mainly financed by the European Union – which ensures the collection and dissemination of useful information for the daily life of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, and facilitates links with the host communities.

Thanks to the teams established in these three countries, in 2018 CFI produced and broadcast short information videos based on individual witness accounts. To reach the largest number of people, social networks and television were used as the main distribution channels.

In Jordan, a first information campaign on employment was launched in May 2018, accompanied by the creation of a Facebook page Together in Jordan. By the end of 2018, this page had more than 75,000 followers and the fifteen videos produced and broadcast had notched up over 2 million views in total (71% of which were by young people under the age of 35 and 34% by women). The videos were also broadcast on the national channel Roya TV, watched by almost a quarter of the population of Jordan, as well as the regional channel Orient News, reaching over 20 million people across North Africa and the Middle East.

Employment at the heart of concerns

Access to the labour market has been identified as both a factor of tension threatening social cohesion between communities and a vital opportunity for Syrian refugees to integrate into Jordanian society. The videos therefore tackle key themes, such as: obtaining a work permit in the agricultural sector and in construction and workers’ rights – especially those of working mothers, disabled people and students – and recount successful initiatives launched between Syrians and Jordanians.

In Turkey, the local team also prepared two campaigns on Turkish language courses offered free of charge to Syrian refugees at public education centres and sports activities promoting social cohesion for young people organised at youth centres.


Playlist, 16 videos

Photo gallery

  • Qudra
  • Qudra

    Extract from a video on the rights of women working in Jordan (Hanan’s witness account)

  • Qudra

    Extract from a video on the rights of women working in Jordan (Yvette’s witness account)

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