Annual Report 2017


“Regard Jeunesse” project in Niger

Blogs and social networks: new forums for expression

Calendrier : September 2017 – December 2017 / Budget global : €85,000

Nigerien young people, which represents over half the population nowadays, suffer from a lack of future prospects. The political, security and economic crisis is harming the stability and social cohesion of the country. Faced with these challenges, social media provides young people with promising forums for information, expression and participation.

In 2017, the Regard Jeunesse project encouraged the initiatives of young Nigerien people who sought to make themselves heard and contribute towards the development of their country by enhancing their skills in online media. The project made it possible to compensate for the lack of information focusing on the daily problems encountered by young people. In addition to the training, it helped participants gain an understanding of the causes of radicalisation and identify potential solutions.

Another aim of enhancing the editorial and technical skills of Nigerian bloggers was to promote non-violent discourse and adapt the content to the priority issues of young citizens, particularly in the neighbouring Nigerian regions of Diffa and Zinder.

Young citizens should be given a greater voice and be involved in decision-making. They deserve a place in the development process to transform them from victims into agents of change.
Aïssata, student in Diffa

14 blogs created, 25 articles published

Thanks to the training sessions conducted from October to December 2017 as well as remote mentoring, 14 blogs have been created and over 25 articles have been published in French. The content developed by the bloggers reflected a greater awareness of the situation of Nigerien young people. They showed a better understanding of the role of the media in the promotion of peace. Throughout the project, round tables, meetings and input from experts enabled participants to increase the impact of their publications on blogs.

I discovered the usefulness of a blog for better communication. A blogger is a guiding light for his or her community and a blog is a formidable weapon with which to change this world.
Bachir, 30 years old, blogger in Zinder.

This pilot project constituted the third component of a larger project supported by the French Ambassador to Niger with funding from the Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS) of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, entitled “Supporting the monitoring and production of radio content in the regions of Zinder and Diffa (with a view to preventing radicalisation)”.

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