Annual Report 2018


Best Female Talents

Training young female French-speaking African writers in how to write television series

Calendrier : May 2018 – December 2018 / Budget global : €15,000

In 2018, CFI renewed its support for African fiction, in particular by supporting the continent’s best female talents in the field of writing a television series, by means of the Talents de femmes (Best Female Talents) project.

The aim of this project, run in partnership with the Keewu production company, was to encourage French-speaking African women under the age of 45 to master scriptwriting techniques for television fiction series. Three female authors from Ivory Coast, Senegal and Benin were selected, from among 250 applications, and given the opportunity to receive training and then participate in the writing of a TV series.

After workshops organised to write eight episodes of the series, remote mentoring of the three writers was provided by the scriptwriting expert. A final writing workshop allowed refinement of the episodes of the series, in order to improve the work on dialogue.

The series “Miss Jella, l’envoûtée” (Miss Jella, the bewitched) tells the story of a young “repat” who has left life in Paris behind and returned to the country, and will be filmed during the first half of 2019.

“These workshops enabled me to learn the essential foundations of scriptwriting for a television series. They also made me aware of the importance of group work in this type of project: the synergy in developing the series, compliance with international standards in terms of writing and discussions with the other female writers have been the real highlights of these workshops for me.” 
Calmine Agbofoun (Benin) 

“These writing workshops are very useful as they allow you to completely immerse yourself in the project by discussing everyone’s ideas at the same time, so as to work more quickly and more efficiently. I’ve also gained new knowledge, such as how to structure the writing of an episode, to aid the coherence of the series and its effectiveness.”
Anna Koné (Ivory Coast)


From left to right: Anne Bakoro Kone (Ivory Coast), Calmine Agbofoun (Benin) and Anna Gomis (Senegal), the three scriptwriters on the Best Female Talents project

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