Annual Report 2017


2017, a year of transformation

In 2017, the President of the Republic solemnly reaffirmed the importance of official development assistance (ODA) and assigned new objectives to it. Five priority areas were identified: international stability, climate, education, gender equality and health. Audiovisual cooperation, focused on providing support to news players in the South, is a powerful lever for serving these thematic priorities. It justifies the existence and place of a specialised French media development agency, such as CFI, in supporting development processes or strengthening local media in areas in the process of stabilisation. It is in this context of stepping up efforts in French official development assistance that CFI experienced and underwent several major transformations, which were implemented throughout the year.

Strengthening ties between CFI and France Médias Monde

On 27 June 2017, CFI became a wholly owned subsidiary of the France Médias Monde group. This positioning which was sought by the State is strategic. The aim is to create a robust hub of expertise, within the external audiovisual sector, in the field of media development. It gives CFI a solid backing and favourable ecosystem and bolsters the action of France’s external audiovisual sector with a lever for strengthening potential partnerships with media players in the South. The strengthened ties between CFI and FMM have already created synergies in terms of structure, resources and initiatives, mutually benefiting them and increasing the effectiveness and impact of their development aid initiatives.

Adoption of CFI’s Contract of Objectives with the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

The Contract of Objectives for the 2018/2020 period was negotiated with the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in 2017. It affirms the identity and place of CFI as a leading operator in the field of media development aid and focuses CFI’s initiatives on priorities relating to young people, digital technology and gender equality. It aims to optimise the benefits of the strengthened ties with the France Médias Monde group in terms of streamlining activities.

Speeding up CFI’s intervention processes to the benefit of local beneficiaries

CFI has transformed its action on the basis of three themes:

  • Diversification of funding has continued, particularly by way of successful calls for tender among international donor agencies.
  • In 2017, project development intensified and 177 actions were organised on the ground. Productivity, measured as the share of resources allocated to projects actually completed, reached an unprecedented level despite the relocation of the company.
  • CFI confirmed its traditional orientations, without ruling out the possibility of exploring new territories (in Central Europe, for example), by concentrating most of its projects in sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab world (the Maghreb, Eastern Mediterranean). This specialisation allows CFI to capitalise on experience, networks and know-how, thus contributing to its reputation and recognition in France and abroad.