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Towards positive information in Palestine

The news coverage offered by the media in Palestine is currently only a partial response to the expectations of young people. If they are to re-engage with this audience, the media have to change the way they produce information in order to offer more inspiring and constructive content.


July 2018 - October 2020

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The Hal Media* project encourages the development of solutions journalism in Palestine’s national, local and online media. It contributes to the creation of positive and stimulating content that is more specifically aimed at young people and women about the key issues affecting them (employment, education, health, etc.).

In 2019, CFI worked with local partners to provide training for 35 journalists, mentoring for five editorial teams and production of 17 videos in the West Bank and Gaza. Thanks to this, and with support from Birzeit University, two workshops were organised (one for 12 experienced journalists and the other for 10 beginners) in order to learn more about the concept of solutions journalism and the positive impact it can have on communities.

Content produced on mobile phones and broadcast on social media

In May, in Gaza, 13 young people also learned how to use their mobile phones to create videos and broadcast them quickly and efficiently, in particular on social media. These young people, from Jenin, Tulkarm and even Hebron, then produced a series of 17 videos based around constructive topics aimed at young people together with the NGO Sharek Youth Forum.

Solutions journalism is an innovative approach and adds real value for covering news stories.”. Ahmad Abu Toul, student at the University of Jenin

Lastly, experts provided support for five editorial offices to help them further integrate solutions journalism into their content. The subjects chosen by the journalists included: access to education for sick and hospitalised children, access to clean drinking water in schools, prison conditions, access to free educational content (MOOCs, English language courses, etc.), combating violence against women, etc.

These articles can allow readers to think differently and help them in concrete terms.” WWalaa Shamali from the daily newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida

* “Hal” means “solution” in Arabic

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